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The lack of qualified workforce in this sector is a good opportunity for jobseekers to find unemployment.

Women are looked for to work in metallurgical companies. The metal sector is full of opportunities. On the one hand, companies do not find qualified workforce. In addition, there is a problem with generational relief, as the templates are aging and young people do not arrive. Salaries in the industry are higher than in the services sector and contracts are long-lasting and with a tendency towards stability. Lastly, schedules are usually regular.

In a city where in October there were 7,377 women unemployed and where the weight of metal in the Vallès is 17% to the economy, the job offer and the demand would have to be compensated. According to data from Sabadell City Council, there is little presence in the industrial sector. Only 31.3% of the employees are of the female sex. In fact, it is the services where most women can be found, 87.58%. Only 11.05% of Sabadellans work in the industry. This fact, however, needs to be clarified because women tend to occupy positions in the offices, administration and sales departments. There are few exceptions where women can be found in the production chain or in the workshop.

Why metal is not attractive for women? Basically, for a cultural reason. The president of the Metallurgical Center, Alícia Bosch, explains that "it has always been linked to work in metallurgy with physical effort, a dirty job, but now it is not the case". For that, it is very rare to see female students of VET in the metallurgical sector. On the other hand, the female presence in the pharmaceutical and textile industry is higher. For all this, he is in favor of "normalizing things, we must stop talking about professions of pink and blue."

Alícia Bosch is an exceptional case, since it is the manager of Muelles y Resortes Bosch SL since 1997. This law graduate left his law firm to run the family business. Bosch is also one of thirteen founders of IndustriaMÉSdona, a work group that has been created to attract female talent to the industrial sector. The director of purchases and human resources of the company DICOMOL, Estela Sánchez, and the consultant Anna Mates agreed on a round table in a day held on November 22, 2017, which needed to put an end to the needle to promote the company ' Attractive formative branches of the industrial field for young girls. In this way, it was decided to form this group. Sánchez says that "there is no discrimination against women because there is not enough in the sector". Therefore, it is committed to promoting knowledge and orienting young people from the base.

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The president of the Metalurgical Center and manager of Muelles y Resinas Bosch, Alícia Bosch, surrounded by his workers in the company

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